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Hi guys, today I wanted to say hi and also let you in on some publishing efforts I have achieved over the years. I would like to thank my parents for instilling in me a love of reading via books and newspapers. This translated to developing a love for writing which manifested itself into a new series I’m developing entitled “Published Articles by Nicole LoPresti”. Before I display my work, I wanted to take a moment to thank, individually, the people that helped instill a love of reading and writing. Thank you to the New York Times newspaper for their Thursday styles, Wedding section, and Thursday Cooking articles. Thank you for a stellar sports section with articles from writers like Scott Cacciola and the musical review section with writers like John Caramanica—whom I had the pleasure of working with at Vibe Magazine. Thank you to Barnes and Noble, I enjoyed (enjoy) reading The Baby Sitter’s Club series as a child and all the teen romance novels. Thank you to Page 6 of the New York Post. Magazines like Vogue (The Bible!), Harper’s Bazaar, Elle!, Allure, Vibe Vixen, InStyle, The Knot, ESPN Magazine, SLAM, TV Guide, New York Magazine, Travel, and Complex.

What I like about each magazine varies. For Vogue, I like that there is a sense of serious amongst the editorial staff. There is good breeding and etiquette. They are also very fashionable and thin which is nice. It does make you want to have a sense of decorum. I grew up working with my mom as a child in her health club, Spa Lady,  where there were always free magazines. I read them all the time. My mother always purchases the September issue—it’s like red nails at Christmas. She always has a french manicure but during the 2 weeks prior to Christmas the snowy white peaks are replaced with a humble red color. Harper’s Bazaar has the best age appropriate dressing guide. And, it’s a bit “grandmother” in it’s sense of style—which sometimes I like. I think it’s like, plastic covers on a printed velvet couch. I’ve always liked Glenda Bailey. She’s very modern and young but she plays this older woman part. It’s very stylish. With Elle, it’s just a copious amount of content! It’s like a playground. The articles are timely and political sometimes. They have great accessories and printed items—from clothing to bags, they enjoy baroque-esque florals and prints, I do as well. lol I like Allure? No! I love Allure Magazine. Ok, first thing you should know about me! I love beauty products. I could drop $200 on a beauty moment in CVS or Target the same way I could purchase ONE $200 product at Bergdorf Goodman or Saks. I think it’s all about the right product for your skin. Allure is so humble (I know I use the same words but telling the truth is so important) in their reviews. They just tell the truth about each product and from their reviews, I found the best products such as Giorgio Armani foundation and Maybelline Mascara (in the iconic pink and green tube).

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In addition to their in-book item reviews, Allure also has a website that highlights stellar places to go to get your hair done or beauty treatments all over the world—I especially like the local, small town suggestions. But, if you’re looking for international beauty directory, I would suggest W Magazine which has more of a international viewpoint. I also forgot to mention V Magazine. V Magazine is very young and hip but it’s known for it’s production qualities. The size of the book is huge and the weight of the paper is unique. They are very trendy with production value.

I’ve started to read Parenting Magazines because I like the articles about babies and children. I work in child-care and am studying to become a teacher.  I always have read and followed workouts from Fitness Magazine.

I enjoy writing tremendously. I thought, why not, each week….take as many articles as I have saved on my desktop and take you, my dear reader, on a journey into the world of publishing. Below you can find links to some of my published articles or screenshots. As time permits, I can give you behind-the-scenes thoughts and maybe even writing tips. Again, I encourage comments and would love to hear from you, the dear reader. Thank you.

My portfolio includes a Chanel article for VMagazine. I also have beauty articles from Quincy Jones’s Vibe Magazine and legendary Honey Magazine where I served as the Lifestyle Editor.

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