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We made this website so you could learn more about us as a family. We also have a blog, please check the link above for my blog thoughts. We post about work, family, and friends. We have a big family including 2 daughters.

I have a few celebrity friends because I worked in the Hip-Hop industry at a time when new talent was emerging. With Communication courses from Monmouth University…I was an editor for several music magazines.

I was Pulitzer-Prize winner and Grammy award winner, Kendrick Lamar’s first interview at XXL Magazine. Today, he’s an artist worth over 75 million dollars.

The Paley Center in New York City’s features entertainers from film, television, and books guest speaker, Krondon’s, first interview for Vibe Magazine! Today, he’s an Academy-Award winner on the show “Black Lightening” on the CW11 network. I interned and was then hired by, Shanel Odum, the first person to review the first ever Drake mixtape! Now, he’s the biggest star in the world.

I guess you could say I put the hop in hip. Plus, I have bunny teeth! 🐇

I’m a journalist with a magazine editing background and experience in event planning, social media coordinating, and web design. Ive never worked in publishing regarding print but Jon Caramonica — New York Times—editor was a former colleague.

After publishing, I went on to styling and retail. I’ve managed retail stores under the tutelage of retail industry heavyweights like Maria Farmer, Judy M. Collins, Kathy Maher, and Sharon Ramsey. My best friend from high-school is a top executive at Saks Fifth Avenue—Ann Alpert né Ann O’Rourke.

In 2019, I completed a 4 year BA in Early Education, endorsement K – 6. I’m a child-care provider with State Credentials from the Health/Child Services department. I’ve completed fingerprinting at Identego and underwent a through background check. I also had to undergo a physical with doctor’s consent that I am cleared to work with children including a drug test.

I’ve worked in Education while taking Early Education Classes. I started working in child-care, as a babysitter. From creating lesson plans to planning circle time, I love teaching Pre-School and Toddlers. However, I have a passion for the infant room which I was the Assistant Lead for several years. In the Infant Room, I worked with ages 0-2 years old. Structure is necessary when feeding babies, burping, putting them to sleep, and getting to know the parents! I love my job in Early Education centers. I’m a natural born mother but I believe a father is always the King. Without a man, I am nothing.

It’s in my nature to nurture and soothe. I enjoy interacting with staff but can work independently as well. Changing diapers is one of my favorite parts of the job! My husband is better than me at this! He’s fun and spontaneous… and becoming a mother to our children. I like updating the Diaper Chart and the daily student activity logs at school the most. From change of clothes to alerting parents (we have 2) to the needs of the young mind, such as diapers, new change of clothes, wipes, and rash cream: I love it all!

I understand state guidelines such as the state mandatory disinfecting process Soap/Water and Bleach/Water and things state might ask when they complete inspection. I’m grateful for state inspection because it ensures we are living up to the highest state guidelines and it shows how serious New Jersey takes it’s educational system. I ❤️ New Jersey.

My mother is a Lyndhurst high-school teacher and the youngest high-school guidance counselor—the youngest ever and moved on to become a guidance counselor. This is where my love of teaching became nurtured. After my mother became a teacher, she opened her own all-women’s fitness facility which was consistently recognized by local newspapers and The Better Business Bureau.

My mother owned 3 locations of Spa Lady Health Clubs in West Paterson, New Jersey, Fairfield, New Jersey, and Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Since I was born, I was exposed to child-care because I was a student of the Spa Lady Child Care Center with 3 prime locations and baby sitting rooms filled with educational toys.

I started taking care of kids at a young age and have always loved teaching. My father is an world-renowned architect and a business owner. He currently owns a Retro Fitness in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Want to know my trick? The little hand tells the big hour and the small hand tells the minutes.

I also like simple Math Games implemented to teach basic math and English.

Please find an in-depth résumé.

A few examples of my Published Articles and Writing Samples: 

XXL Magazine:


Nicole LoPresti

Summary of Qualifications

  • Monmouth University Communications Major with a minor in Sociology and African American Studies.
  • Early Education Classes
  • Infant Room, Toddlers, Pre-School, and Pre-Kindergarten experience.
  • Excellent communication skills, written ability, and enthusiasm. I enjoy working in a group setting yet can work independently.
  • Strong web skills with Social Media Coordinating experience. I’m apt at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Linkedin. In Journalism, I worked closely with the photo editing department so I’m well versed at taking a good photo.
  • Wrote, Edited, and Copy Edited for various magazines such as XXL Magazine, Vibe Vixen, Vibe Magazine, V Magazine, plus more.
  • Executive Assistant to a Health Club Franchise Owner.
  • Child Care experience.
  • CPR Certified.


Mount Saint Dominic Academy, West Caldwell, New Jersey

High school diploma                                               September 1999– May 2004

Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey

Bachelor of Arts in Communications                 September 2004 – May 2018

Major: Communications, Concentration in Public Relations and Journalism

Minors: African American Studies, Gender Studies, and Sociology


Achieve Tutoring

Special Certifications:

CPR Certified (2018)


Spa Lady Health Clubs

Montessori Academy

LightBridge Academy                        

Mobile Infants

  • Plan curriculum adhering to school policies and pre-planned themes.
  • Interact with parents.
  • Interactive tablet updates keep mobile infants on a strict schedule according to parent preferences.
  • Daily Rundown: Parents drop off children around 8:00 a.m., more than likely they haven’t had a full breakfast. We go over any daily notes from parents and provide breakfast. Mobile Infants get diaper checked every 45 minutes and are given meals depending on how long they stay in the class room. Snacks are also provided. Using state-of-the-art tablets, we can inform parents of meals, diaper changes, sensory learning activities, play time, water and outdoor play time, and a strict sleeping schedule.
  • Summary: What do I love about working at LightBridge Academy? Everything! I love working with children. Everyday is fun. I literally love the staff, the campus, and the school. I enjoy taking care of children so much—it is truly a passion of mine. Being with babies makes me so happy and I feel fulfilled as a person. I also love preparing for the day when I have my own children.

Nordstrom           May 2017 – August 2018

Eatontown, New Jersey

Merchandising and Inventory Associate

  • Merchandising and Inventory Associate, manage design tables, arrange rounders according to signage, and correspond with clients to ensure they are happy with our work. Example: a designer will work with our marketing team to emphasize their new collection and we arrange to display their goods in innovative ways to maximize space and increase sales revenue. Recently, we worked with Robert Graham and Marc Ecko . Both fashion-forward, youthful yet perennial brands have signage within our stores. That means that they are featured designers. I work largely in the Nordstrom Men’s department although I am familiar with the entire store. In the Men’s department, we have a few featured designers including Tommy Bahama and Penguin. These featured designers take different types of display options. It could be a hanging display in the case of Marc Ecko’s clothing line which has limited edition pieces available (as of today, July 12, 2018) or a table in the case of Penguins widely popular summer shorts. My job is to understand, confirm, and communicate clearly the design options to the client. After a design is selected by the client, I over see the execution of the floor arrangement.  I also maintain the floor. Through out this processes, there is constant contact with the client and updates on how the merchandise is moving. Meaning, is it selling? Comparatively speaking, how (if available) do last years sales compare to this years sales and does it behoove us to change the display or perhaps create an in-store event? Are customers, this year as compared to last year and this year, using their Nordstrom card?  What can we do to maximize this experience? To make it a moment for our customer? It’s about inclusion. It is similar to being in the production office of a magazine. In fact, I often draw upon the same skill set I used while being a Production Assistant at Vibe Magazine. Today, ten years later, I am using the same skill set I used at Vibe Magazine. Growth is amazing.
  • Sales Associate, regardless of your position or title everyone is a trained Sales Associate upon working at Nordstrom.
  • Our General Manager is insistent that each manger or executive knows how to check out each customer and run go backs from the fitting room. That is an important part of our “from the ground up” training where each person at Nordstrom knows the designers and interacts with our shoppers. As a team member, we need to know how to properly hang clothes according to safety and company guidelines. We all must know how to assist, check-out customers, and discuss styling options. Our store is 20,000 square feet with a state-of-the-art check out system called “Nordstrom Mobile”. Nordstrom is based in Seattle. If anyone has a desire to work in a more corporate setting, starting at Nordstrom Rack or Nordstrom Full Line is mandatory. Fun Fact: We feature a fabulous break room with a full kitchen and snack options. Additionally, we have monthly dessert parties and have a “Mother’s Room” for pregnant mom’s to relax in with a boudoir table and personal items to make them feel secure and at home.
  • I’m a Key Holder! That means that I can open expensive cases and have a level of trust with in the company.

Avenue Clothing Boutique                February 2017 – May 2018

West Long Branch, New Jersey

Assistant Manager

  • Sales experience promoting the “Preferred Gold Card” and “Avenue Platinum Card” which offers holders benefits such as advanced notice of sales and promotions, $10 gold card certificate or $20 platinum card certificate upon approval. For Avenue Platinum members we offer this: 1 point with every $1 dollar spent—every 200 dollars spent you get $10 dollar certificate. It’s like you spent $190 dollars when you really spent $200.
  • Organize, arrange, and hang clothing while interacting with customers.
  • Arrange clothing in the fitting rooms according to outfits, sizes, and type of clothing.
  • Closed and Opened registers. Disarmed alarm system.
  • Bank responsibilities included deposits and withdrawals.
  • Corresponded with upper management to receive daily promotions as well as the marketing team to understand directional changes regarding merchandising or promotions. For example, our panties selection is often offering merchandise on sale, so management will send a directional display document and then I arrange the undergarments according to their plan.
  • Promoted to Assistant Manger of West Long Branch, Avenue, after 4 months as a Sales Associate.
  • Participated in the Avenue fashion show.
  • Linked with RetailMeNot to promote Avenue coupons.

Spa Lady Health Clubs, Lyndhurst, New Jersey            

January 2013 – September 2017

Executive Assistant, Social Media Manager

  • Maintained online website and social media pages including a website where new clients could sign up for classes and potential members could virtually tour the gym. I photographed angles of the gym and filmed using a simple (is an Apple product ever really simple is the question?) iPhone. A flip camera is also a really great option. I love taking photos.
  • Liaised with Groupon and other advertising resources to increase gym memberships. Gym membership increased by 4,002 members during my time with Spa Lady. That breaks down to about, on average, 8 people per day. It’s important to note the numbers because through social media outreach and innovate programs like Kids Classes and linking with local colleges we were able to increase our sales by 40 percent.
  • Arranged annual “Member Appreciation Day”. This was my conception and included local businesses such as beauty salons, eyebrow threading, clothing boutiques, restaurants, and make-up heavy weights like Mary Kay. Since Spa Lady is an all-women’s club, we encouraged women to spend time there. Not only work out and feel good, but relax in the sauna and take advantage of complimentary babysitting and healthy snacks and drinks. MAD “Member Appreciation Day” was all about team work and getting the community involved in Spa Lady’s mission: empowering women!
  • Executive Assistant responsibilities included: answering phones, scheduling and confirming evaluation appointments, maintaining the over-all cleanliness of the facility and assisting in the daycare room. Personal EA duties included beauty appointments for the owner such as hair and nails and health care appointments as well as transportation. Additionally, I booked travel and handled expense reports. Also, spoke with credit card companies if any discrepancies occurred.
  • Gave tours of the facility and discussed pricing options.
  • Taught a weekly indoor cycling class.
  • Subbed for a yoga instructor once which planted the seed to get my yoga certification.

                              XXL Magazine, New York, New York

August 2011 – January 2013  

News Editor

  • Pitched ideas, scheduled and conducted interviews, edited and wrote articles.
  • Assisted during photo-shoots including: Eminem’s photo-shoot and XXL’s famous “Freshman Issue”.
  • Managed social media pages during assigned time. Twitter duties include (and are very effective in follower numbers and subsequent page views) engaging with followers and artists. We had a schedule where once a week or bi-weekly we interviewed artists or behind-the-scenes talent.
  • Video interviews. Here, we implemented a media schedule where we (in association with release dates and times of year) interacted with artists and labels to create content that complimented our paper issues (in-book, as we call it in publishing) and online content. Synergy is a key word.
  • Online Twitter interviews. As stated above. Very effective. I really like to work with people online and talk to fans because we both like the same things. It’s just a happy coincidence that it generates a buzz that reflects in sales.

Honey Magazine, New York, New York  

 June 2009 – May 2010 

Lifestyle Editor

  • Wrote daily website articles, focused on seasonal articles (for example, during Fashion Week, we might post an article regarding a new designer or model. It’s basically like stretching out a special event or occasion to make it count. Make it worth something. Make it meaningful.  In the age of Twitter, which I love, things go quickly but sometimes that means we rush the meaning. Let’s savor the flavor. Another example, during Grammy week we might interview a Grammy employee…a behind-the-scenes person and it’s simply making the website reflect the daily lives of our readers and advertisers as well. If it’s an event that pertains or peaks the interest of our audience that means advertisers are, most likely, going to be interested. Example: Grammy Week, Grammy interviews, Grammy make-up looks, Grammy advertisers. How to get that “Grammy Look” or “Grammy Ready”), then once the event occurs you live tweet during the event and then post event you review and clean up. What’s cleaning up? Engage and then commence. Then, the event is sealed! Before I sign off after “hosting” an event, I like to be sure to give away something…perhaps a product or a magazine and then look forward to our next event. Example? Thank you for enjoying the Grammy’s! Please be sure to check back tomorrow for readers comments regarding outfits. Our expert panel will butt heads with our viewers to see…WHO KNOWS BEST? Also, look out for our post-vacation detox diet.
  • I maintained a daily column regarding men’s clothing and accessories called, Head: “Nikki’s Daily Duds” Dek: “Daily looks for the Dope Boy”. This column was mostly about “items of the day” which I mostly chose from because it’s a really cool website for men’s clothing. I also enjoy Target and Nordstrom for men.
  • Attended social events for work regularly.
  • Attended the Grammy’s where I participated in radio room interviews and followed a Grammy nominated artist, Melanie Fiona, around for a Honey Magazine  cover story.
  • Attended training sessions for HTML and web design and production as well as classes on how to read google analytics and understand the liaison between web presence and revenue.
  • Fundraising Experience – brainstormed ways to increase ad sales and came up with creative to fun ways to incorporate our sponsors into content that serves my audience.
  • Modeled for a Gilt Group advertisement. Gilt is an online shopping and lifestyle website based in the United States and launched in 2007. Gilt Group was valued at $1 billion on paper at the height of it’s conception.

V Magazine

                                                 Intern/Contributor/Model                                      May 2009

  • Wrote for website and print.
  • Invited to attend editorial meetings.
  • Was photographed for website and in-book.

Vibe Magazine                                                                             June 2008 –  July 2009 

Editorial Assistant

  • Became an editorial assistant after working in the production department.
  • Assisted staff with scheduling interviews, organized production timeline, maintained social media pages, and events schedule.
  • Managed and hired interns.

Vibe Magazine                                                                          September 2007 – May 2008

Production Assistant

  • Hired after a very successful internship.
  • Maintained the Production Directors Schedule.
  • Maintained Ad Schedule, which means knowing the dates that ad copy and visuals were to be in the office, edited for approval, analyzed by the Sales Department, approved by both parties, and then ultimately the final copy is sent!
  • Tracked ad materials from advertising companies to printing press. In publishing, on the production side, it’s fascinating. You really work with all outlets of the magazine as well as the corporate side. Including all the way up to the publisher and investors. You have the opportunity to work with other companies such as any type of advertising company that might buy ad space.
  • I would stay late during press week as we needed all ad materials to be placed in the correct spot, proof-read, and approved by said client before sending the book out to be published. I totally like the flow of the Production Department. It’s like “Christmas” every issue. We get to “unwrap” trafficked ad materials each issue!
  • Liaised with editorial staff to assure that each article or blurb was in the correct spot and make certain that advertising clients were satisfied with advertisement placement.

Internships, New York City 

Vibe Vixen Magazine, Internship                                 2007

  • Completed internship for 3 college credits. Received A+.
  • Wrote copy under the guidance of Shanel Odum. My first interview (ever!) was with Vivica A. Fox for which she was promoting her new movie. I had the best time being driven to set and then completing the interview, completing the transcription of said interview, and then writing the article.
  • Pitched ideas

Def Jam Records, Internship                                          2006

  • Completed internship for 3 college credits.
  • Maintained the Message Boards.
  • Ordered lunch daily.
  • Was present for press days including managing an LL Cool J press day.

Warner Music Group, Internship                                  2005

  • Completed internship for 3 college credits.
  • Was asked to be in a Big Brother music video filmed in Brooklyn.
  • Attended press events and maintained the media closet which demanded a high level of organization and cleaning of promotional merchandise.

J Records, Internship                                                        2005

  • Completed internship for 3 college credits.
  • Complied daily clips and press write-ups for each artist.

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